Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Railway Corporation
.....a new name in locomotive leasing.....

What Do We Do?
  • Understand your specific needs for each of your facilities and select a locomotive best suited to those needs by using our many industry contacts.
  • Refurbish the selected locomotive at our contract shop, Midwest Locomotive Services, Kansas City, MO, repairing or replacing components as necessary, adding accessories such as a Kim Hotstart or a remote control.
  • Select, if you wish, a service provider and tailor a service program specific to your needs.
  • Provide training in locomotive operation, troubleshooting and rail yard safety, if desired.
  • Customize locomotive lease terms to suit your requirements.
  • Provide the selected locomotive and service package at a very competitive price.
If your desire is to purchase a locomotive rather than lease one, we provide all of the same steps as outlined above and deliver to your facility a locomotive ready to go to work the day it arrives again, all at a very competitive price!

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