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Locomotive 201

Manufacturer:American Locomotive Company (ALCo)
Date Built:1941
Former Owner:Baltimore & Ohio
Engine:539, turbocharged
Main Generator:553
Auxilliary Generator:10 KW
Traction Motors:GE 731
Wiring Condition:New, Exane (February, 2004)
Control Stand:New, all new gauges applied
Batteries:Good, reconditioned
Wheels:2 1/2 or better
Weight:230,000 pounds
MU:Yes (27 pin)
Ditch Lights:Yes
Speed Indicator:Yes
Event Recorder:Yes
Kim Hot Start:Yes (COR 3180/0602)
Remote Control:No
Cab Heat:Hot water
FRA Qualified:Yes (waiver for laminated glass to be applied for)
General Condition:Very Good

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